Thursday, October 23, 2008

Phishing Scam Using American Express Identity

This is a forwarded email from my friend that I would like to share with all of my friends and readers. Please be aware of this new scam.

Dear Everyone,

FYI and Warning to all AMEX & other credit card(s) users/holders.

Relative to this email cascaded to us early on, I issued an advisory specifically on this one before and would like to reiterate some points to remember.

1) When paying with use of credit card, bring you card to the counter yourself.

Make sure you witness the transaction

(look out for unusual devices - card reading gadgets the size of beepers or cell


2) Make sure no one is directly behind you during ATM transactions, check the cash dispenser first and the card slot for unusual contraptions, and cover the key pad when punching your PIN;

3) Check your mail box regularly, bank and card company statements and other mails may contain confidential information which criminals use to defraud; (E-Banking; Internet Transactions; Etc)

4) Be cautious in opening email attachments (personal email accounts) criminals make use of cyberspace by sending files that activate a key logger. Once activated, it can replicate key strokes, capture PIN codes, and other information you type in your PC. Especially when you do on-line transactions - bank, e-payments, etc. Be wary of spams, links, and or on-line forms.

5) Avoid bank or payment e-transactions in internet cafes, shops

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