Sunday, November 16, 2008

Got Paid by Ciao! ^_^

This is another online program that I joined last October and now it pays me.... Cool! :) Got paid $22.83 last friday 14 November 2008... here's the screen shot...


Ciao is a survey site, you will need to review the product and earn $0.25 and it will be credited after 24 hours from review.

There's 2 Ciao, the UK and US, join the US version coz it's paying higher...

*Minimum payout is $5 thru Paypal
*Payments are processed once a month
*Earn 1 - 3 cents when you rate other reviews
*Open also for International members
*Site partly owned by Microsoft
*Its a consumer network where you can review the products that will help future buyers to know the products more
*You can review the movies that you already watched like Julia Roberts movies, Jet Li movies etc... or animes that you've watch like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto etc or products that you like for example hair care products, beauty products, appliances etc.... this site only needs your opinion... just be sure that you really watched it or used the product to give good reviews...

So, if you have lot's of time doing nothing, this is another enjoyable thing to do... you can try this...



eva said...

wow great!

by the way please update my link in your blog. it is


Lizzie said...

yeah and i'm looking forward to december payout! ^_^


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