Tuesday, April 21, 2009

CIAO Paid me for the 6th Time! $52.75 ^_^

Yes! at last! I was waiting for this payment since last week April 16 and now Ciao paid me again for the 6th time and I hope that this will not be the last... lol.. With some problems encountered by some members, same with me which is difficult to login and the worst is being blocked from the site well everyone wishes that this problem will be solve and those honest members can login or access the site again and share their honest reviews on products.

Here's the screenshot of my latest payout, $52.75 my earnings for the month of March 2009... yipee! ^_^


sweetseoul said...

congrats sis! next month pa ako sabi ng ciao! :)

freya said...

just got registered here..panu pg walang credit card? di ba pde skip un part na un??hehe..dko p naverify un account ko sa paypal...aun..


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