Friday, July 30, 2010

Free TIMEX Watch from HSBC

Hello guys! just want to share with you the free watch I received from my HSBC Mabuhay Miles credit card last 2 or 3 weeks ago. Got it from their promo which i received via text message wherein to qualify for the free timex watch, I just need to use and swipe my credit card at least 5x with no minimum amount requirements. So I used my credit card 5x and after that wait for my free watch to arrive at my house. So that's it! after waiting for 2 weeks I guess, then it was delivered to my house via LBC... cool! thanks HSBC!!!! *_^

Here's the screenshot...

I also got free Mango watch with them last 2009....

Then last week, I received a text from them that I am qualified to received a free Mango watch if I use/swipe my credit card at least once with no minimum purchase requirements. So I used my credit card last week and yesterday I called them regarding the free watch and they informed me to wait for my free watch to be delivered within 45 days... I'll just update you guys and post pictures here once I've got it! ciao!


mark said...

I this is the best gift from HSBC to their customer.This kind of tricks and gift works well for all.
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Ruth said...

I am just glad I was approved for HSBC Card. But mine is Red Card. I hate BDO, been using for 3 years and there aren't much rewards.. to think i have been charging gazillion pesos! Haha

kim11 said...

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lanimar3417 said...
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lanimar3417 said...
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lanimar3417 said...

I got my Mango watch from HSBC. The same one on the picture. Nice, expenisve looking design. I wonder how much is it?

Anonymous said...

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randy said...

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Rashid Mehmood said...

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Praveen RS said...

Very nice watch i like it
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Hope12hopes said...

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