Monday, June 23, 2008

I've Won!

I'm so happy right now! I just received a text message from GETZMO.COM that I've won INCREDIBLE HULK premium items which consists of limited edition HULK Smash Hands, T-Shirts, Caps, Movie Posters, and Assorted HULK books (courtesy of National Bookstore): The Incredible Hulk - My Search for a Cure, The Incredible Hulk - Movie Novelization, The Incredible Hulk - Larger Than Life, and The Incredible Hulk - Movie Sticker Book!! I'm very happy! It's my first time to join such promos and luckily I've won! Cool! I've call them up to inquire on how to get my prizes and they inform me that I need to go to their head office at Makati. They are open from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday and I can claim my prizes until June 30. Unfortunately, I can't get it personally coz I have work and weekends is the only available time for me to claim it. So I inform them regarding my problem and they said that I can send a representative to claim it. Yes! I just need to send an authorization letter and a photocopy of any valid IDs that I have... Yipee! But I remember that I need to show the text message that they have send, so I called back and asked "How about the text message that i need to show there?" and she said that it's okey, no need to show the text message just bring the authorization letter and photocopy of ID. Thank God! I have no worries at all. Thanks to the staff there that is very accommodating. I'm excited to see my prizes! I called my friend in Makati to ask a favor and claim it in my behalf. Can't wait!

Here's a glimpse of my prizes. I will post the pictures of it when I get it....

If you want to join for their latest promos, JOIN HERE...

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