Monday, August 18, 2008

Menstruation Leave once a month...

This will be a good news for us female employees both in private and public sectors if ever it will be approve by the senate.

source: Inquirer.Net

"A bill seeking to grant mandatory menstruation leave for all private and government female employees in the private and public sectors has been filed at the House of Representatives.

House Bill 4888, known as the “Menstruation Leave Act of 2008,” was initiated by ARC (Alliance of Rural Concern) party-list Representative Narciso Santiago III.

Under the bill, all female employees, regardless of the nature of their employment, except those pregnant and menopausal, should be entitled to a one-day menstruation leave at half wage remuneration every month."

It will be an additional to our benefits and a one day additional DAY-OFF a month from work is a big help on our menstrual period day especially for those women who are having dysmenorrhea.

The bad news is that they will only pay HALF of our daily wage =(

Eh di mag-half day! lol =p


Brazen Lass said...

this should be really nice... hehe... :D

Lizzie said...

^yup! sana ma-approve sya...


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