Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sustainable Flash Memory Card Holder, made out of plastic cups

This one is very interesting!

We have different types of memory cards for different gadgets: Sony Memory Stick Pro, SD Card, Mini SD Card, Micro SD Card, MMC card, and so on. How do you store and/or organize all these different cards that can easily be lost? This invention would really be a big help for us.

Designer Tom Kenworthy has created the sustainable 3 tier sliding holder concept made from vending cups. It only takes 7 plastic cups to make one holder and it’s lightweight and small. If your going out with lots of memory cards then this will hold it up for you but if you not going them, it is best also for you to keep them in this Flash Memory Card Holder. It can hold up to 9 different memory cards.

Product can hold the following:
1 x Sony Memory Stick Pro
1 x Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo
1 x Sony Memory Stick Micro
1 x SD Card
1 x Mini SD Card
1 x Micro SD Card
1 x MMC
1 x MMC Mobile


nahj12 said...

infairness.. very innovative :)

Waseem said...

very innovative..i might use it if it's cost effective for plastic cards.


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